0x Consulting Group aim to:
・Promote token economics widely in society, 
・Correct economic disparities, and
・Create a society where each individual is excited to take on new challenges

The realization of tokenomics through blockchain technology holds the potential to correct the economic disparities caused by the concentration of wealth in capitalist economies. 

In the “token economics” model, everyone involved has the opportunity to receive rewards through allocation based on their contribution to the project.

This unique mechanism in the Web3 field means that not only investors and founding members but also the operating team and users can benefit when the token price rises with the growth of the project. By engaging in activities and contributing to projects in fields they are passionate about, individuals can receive rewards. This creates a connection between “consumption” and “income,” offering the possibility of earning income by actively supporting projects.

Moreover, this model allows for activities that align with diverse lifestyles, free from constraints of time and location. As a result, more people can access opportunities, making it a model that accommodates a variety of lifestyles.

0x Consulting Group aims to change situations where individuals are forced to give up on challenging something due to economic reasons by promoting the adoption of token economics. The goal is to create a society where everyone can feel excited and empowered to take on new challenges.

Koki Hosogane

Takao Arai


Shohei Nakata

Fuyuko Ito

Yoshiki Kawaguchi

Keisuke Shintani

Company Name0x Consulting Group PTE.LTD.
FoundingMay 2019
Address1 Raffles Place #20-01 One Raffles Place Tower One,Singapore 048616
RepresentativeKoki Hosogane
Number of
40 people (including outsourcing contracts)
*As of July 31, 2023
Capital312,500 S$
・Design & Operation of Web3 Ecosystems Using Crypto Assets
・Comprehensive Web3 Marketing: Planning, Directing, and Executing Marketing Measures
・Fan Community Development, Social Media Operation(X & Discord), Dispatch of Community Managers
・Research Media Operation & On-Chain Data Analysis
・Web3 Tool Development & Agent
・Operation of the Web3 Community “LCA GAME GUILD”