Token Economics Design

Web3 Consulting

Study Sessions

We conduct study sessions to provide a basic understanding of tokenomics. The content systematically and concretely explains aspects such as “what” needs to be decided in “what order.” By incorporating basic knowledge and the latest case studies, we aim to elevate the Web3 literacy of all employees and team members responsible for projects, enhancing their understanding of tokenomics design.

Tokenomics Design & Simulation

We will design and propose the optimal token incentive model aligned with the project’s concept. We offer advice on creating new business models using NFTs/FTs, aiming for our clients’ desired goals such as enhancing loyalty in marketing and fan communities.

We conduct a detailed verification, using a simulation sheet based on the review of existing design proposals or customized to fit specific design plans. This includes meticulous analysis of factors such as economic collapse, NFT inflation, FT market crashes, and volatility. We simulate and assess supply and demand balance to ensure robustness in the design.

Support from Token Issuance to Operation

We provide comprehensive support from token issuance to operations, covering everything from the issuance of FTs/NFTs to actual operation.

We offer comprehensive advice, not only on token ecosystem simulations but also on aspects such as selecting the blockchain to use, real-time operations (utilizing on-chain data, monitoring user numbers, and balancing prices for PDCA), IEO/INO strategies, and incorporating strategies into the project’s whitepaper.

Additionally, we can introduce experts and service providers well-versed in the financial, accounting, and the latest legal aspects in various countries relevant to token issuance.

Specialists in Web3 business creation and token economics design

Takao Arai

The CEO of Arii Inc and the founder of the blockchain game “Nannda.” Based on his experience of developing a GameFi project from the beginning, he is involved in various works in Web3 consulting services, including planning, development and operation for Web3 services and smartphone applications.

Shohei Nakata

The CEO of Digital Sword Inc. In 2018, he became interested in domestic blockchain games and participated in the development of a blockchain exchange, where he learned how the digital economy works around DeFi, created a token economics simulator for DeFi and GameFi, and made approximately $300 million in profit through investments. Based on his knowledge, he has planned, designed, reviewed, and advised on projects such as “Akiverse,” “DM2C Studio,” and “NOT A HOTEL” as a token economics advisor.