Web3 Consulting

Based on the latest trends and deep expertise of Web3, we will provide support to guide our clients’ project to success.

The Web3 domain still holds many uncertainties, and the definition of success remains unclear. Therefore, accurate information and specialized knowledge are essential for making strategic decisions in Web3 business management. Leveraging our accumulated experience, we provide support across four distinct areas to contribute to the success of your projects.

Consulting Areas

Consulting Achievements


As a partner in building a business model, we discussed the significance and benefits of using Web3 in the flying car project. We created and delivered business plan documents for NFT design and community building.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd.

Offer marketing support for the blockchain game titles such as “JobTribes” and “Cookin’Burger.” Additionally, we serve as the advisor for the entire ecosystem of its token “DEP (DEAPcoin).”

DM2C Studio Co., Ltd.

Comprehensively support their projects through tokenomics design, global marketing, and development of Discord communities.


We provide comprehensive support for dApps developed on Astar Network, including joint marketing, technical cooperation, provision of knowledge and know-how, and Web3 community building.


Take on the core of marketing strategy and execution, ranging from promotional initiatives for both domestic and international markets, to the Discord community development and operation.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Support their marketing strategies for spreading their IPs to new audiences while cherishing existing IP fans, including development of communities on social media(X and Discord).

Eureka Entertainment

Engage in collaboration promotion within cryptocurrency communities, execute marketing measures, and support user-centric community management.

nanameue, Inc.

Support its SocialFi service in the development of marketing strategies and the implementation of awareness expansion measures in order to create core users within the community.


Advice on entering the Japanese market, increasing awareness of new NFTs and acquiring wallet addresses, holding AMAs for the Japanese community, etc.


Expanding awareness and acquiring users in Japan, supporting business development, and promoting collaboration with other projects.


Expanding awareness in Japan, acquiring users, creating explanatory reports, and holding AMAs. Attends and assists with offline events in Japan.

LGG Research

The research website providing “truly useful information” for Web3 business development and accelerates corporate evolution.

In addition to providing reports, we host various seminars and events to enhance Web3 industry development speed and increase the success probability of projects.

Online & Offline Seminars