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What is 0xC’s Approach to Fan Community Development?

In Web3 businesses that issue valuable NFTs and FTs, fan communities enhance buying pressures on tokens, stabilize and foster healthy growth of tokenomics. It is important to increase engagement from users who genuinely love and support the company or the product by forming its fan community.

Furthermore, the fan community itself becomes an asset for the company, facilitating smooth onboarding for new products and reducing user acquisition costs.

In order to create a highly engaged fan community, it is crucial to set retention rates within the community as a goal.

To achieve this, the following three key factors are crucial:
(1) Maximize the participation rate from initial engagement to the first action,
(2) Minimize negative points felt by users,
(3) Ensure to host regular events that users want to visit consistently.

These factors should affect UI/UX of the community, and it is essential to build up the comfortable community environment for users.

Furthermore, custom development is possible to integrate activities within the service with community engagement, fostering a seamless connection between the two.

For example, we can create a user experience by granting special roles (permissions) within the community to users who achieve specific activities within the service. Conversely, those who actively contribute to the community can be rewarded with NFTs, FTs, or items usable within the service.

Througout this custom development, we can offer users a unique community experience that cannot be achieved by other companies, creating a distinctive and original interaction with our clients’ community.

Finally, we visualize through data whether channel design, regular events, and incentive structures ultimately contribute to the community’s activity rate.

When using Discord, we can conduct more advanced analysis by leveraging roles and automation bots to segment user attributes, and observing active metrics for each channel.

We provide comprehensive support for building and developing fan communities, from upstream community design to actual operation, in conjunction with marketing measures.