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What is 0xC’s Approach to Web3 Marketing?

Our approach to Web3 marketing involves the comprehensive creation of an economy by combining (1) Token Economics, (2) Community Building, and (3) Data Infrastructure. Tailored to ecosystem design using NFTs or FTs, we focus on constructing highly engaged user communities that connect to business-critical KPIs. From upstream strategies to downstream measures, we consistently support marketing efforts. Additionally, we establish a framework for the entire economic cycle through a data infrastructure that combines on-chain and off-chain elements, enabling continuous PDCA across the ecosystem.

To do so, it is crucial to design the logic of Web3-specific KPIs in a manner suitable for the project. Moreover, both on-chain and off-chain data intricately interweave when developing the Web3 ecosystem.

When starting Web3 projects, we need to build a data infrastructure that allows for hypothesis formulation and validation of how these KPIs are connected to NFT sales, service engagement, and community loyalty. Otherwise, your company may find yourself in a situation where you’ve released NFTs, but the community hasn’t formed, and you’re unsure of the ultimate impact or purpose of the project.

Once the logic tree for KPIs is outlined, we refine compelling messages tailored to the anticipated targets, and then we develop specific marketing strategies and schedules.

Our marketing strategies go beyond simply increasing followers or user numbers. We implement marketing measures with a focus on conversions that lead to unique Web3 community building experiences.

In parallel, we collaborate with existing advertising agencies to integrate digital advertising OOH, and other initiatives into our marketing planning.

Throughout implementation of these strategies, we can collect various data, including both on-chain and off-chain data.

We can collect various kinds of data; On-chain data provides insights into NFT sales, transaction volumes, users’ asset ownership in their wallets, and more. Off-chain data provides insights into engagement on platforms like X and Discord, as well as activities within these services.

We measure these data using multiple tools and consolidate them into dashboards. This enables effective validation of the outcomes of the implemented marketing strategies.