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Our Analytical Tools

In the current Web3 area, there is no clear definition of successful case studies, and the available data is limited. Consequently, there is a lack of quantitative information for large enterprises to assess the feasibility of entering the Web3 business. We have developed proprietary analytical tools to identify a wide range of projects gaining attention within the entire Web3 market. As a result, we can provide clients with the latest Web3 trends, encompassing both domestic and international perspectives.

Especially when we benchmark individual projects, it is crucial to assess whether a project is successful or unsuccessful.

Thus, we conduct detailed analysis by tracking key performance indicators(KPIs) for individual titles from various projects. We focus on metrics such as revenue, NFT sales volume, transactions, and other relevant aspects of each project.

Through this approach, we can objectively assess whether past marketing strategies were successful or not and determine whether NFT sales are effectively contributing to loyalty and continuity.

With our unique logic and quantitative facts available in the market, we can provide our clients with objective data and insights on whether they should enter the Web3 market or not.

For the companies looking to provide content based on this information, we can offer insights into what types of content are well-received in each country. For the companies aiming to attract content providers by offering appealing infrastructure, we can introduce companies that can deliver high-quality content.