LGG has started Web3 marketing support for Nanameue’s virtual world “Yay!

Background of the conclusion of the outsourcing agreement

Launched in January 2020, Yay! is a virtual world connected by likes, based on the concept of “a place for everyone. More than 8 million members in Japan and abroad use the service, and there are over 90,000 communities (circles) within the service.

Yay! will build a token economy inside and outside the service, centered on the cryptographic asset YAY. This will create a virtual world in the web3 era in which everyone can express themselves while involving a wide variety of users.

LGG, on the other hand, provides comprehensive consulting services for web3 business development and conducts market analysis and research with the mission of “solving the economic disparity in society and creating a society where each individual can take on challenges with excitement by widely spreading token economics,” mainly at the application layer.

LGG will support the marketing of “Yay!” and accelerate alliances with Yay! in the high-quality web3 industry, and contribute to the expansion of the Yay! ecosystem so that many Yay! users can have diverse web3 experiences.

Yay! and LGG share the same goal of “creating a sustainable SocialFi” and “spreading token economics”, and we believe that we can bring both companies closer to the future that they are aiming for.

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*This press release is in Japanese, so please translate it to read.

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