LGG has signed a letter of intent for a partnership with Astar Network.

Background of the MOU

Astar Network, in partnership with Polygon Labs, has announced its Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon. The technology employs zk-rollup technology to enable fast and cost-effective transactions while maintaining Ethereum compatibility.

Astar Network is using this solution to drive the development of Web3 services with a particular focus on the Japanese entertainment and gaming industries.

LGG, on the other hand, has extensive consulting experience in the Web3 gaming and entertainment sector.

With the signing of this MOU, Astar Network and LGG will work together to develop and promote more attractive and innovative dApps.

And in dApps developed on Astar Network, we will provide comprehensive support for joint marketing, technical cooperation, provision of knowledge and know-how, and Web3 community building.

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*This press release is in Japanese, so please translate it to read.

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