0x Consulting Group has entered into a marketing partnership agreement with MARBLEX, a blockchain business company of South Korean conglomerate Netmarble Group.

MARBLEX’s project, operated on its unique blockchain ecosystem, will receive mid-to-long-term support for expansion in Japan.

0x Consulting Group, based in Singapore, a provider of comprehensive consulting services in the Web3 space, has signed a marketing partnership agreement with MARBLEX, a blockchain business company of Netmarble Group, one of Korea’s leading game companies, to support the Japanese expansion of projects operated by MARBLEX’s proprietary blockchain ecosystem.

Background of the Partnership Agreement

MARBLEX operates the blockchain game ecosystem “MBX,” offering services such as cryptocurrency wallets, DEX (decentralized exchanges), token staking, and NFT marketplaces. MARBLEX aims to build a sustainable structure suitable for constructing game-focused blockchain ecosystems and game development, advancing user experience through organic engagement and participation in “MBX.”

0x Consulting Group provides business development consulting services in the Web3 space, supporting the expansion of overseas companies into Japan. Through this partnership agreement, 0x Consulting Group will initially support the Japanese expansion and marketing initiatives of MARBLEX’s latest NFT project, “Lunar animals NFT.”

Support from 0x Consulting Group in this Agreement includes

・Proposal and implementation of Web3 marketing initiatives
・Coordination and support for AMAs
・Implementation of initiatives in collaboration with the company’s self-operated Web3 community (LGG Community)

About Lunar Animals NFT

Lunar animals NFT is the second installment of MARBLEX’s MARBLERSHIP NFT series. It consists of 13 animals, including the twelve zodiac animals plus a cat, each with three grades (N, R, SR), totaling 39 types of NFTs.

Users can benefit from owning and leveling up Lunar animals NFTs, including:

The main ways to acquire Lunar animals NFTs

・Collecting alphabet puzzles corresponding to Lunar animals NFT (N) keywords and exchanging them.
・Gathering 10 Joker (R) puzzles to exchange for Lunar animals NFT (SR).
・Owners of Rainbow Collection (the first installment of MARBLERSHIP NFT) can directly exchange them.

For more information about MARBLEX and the MBX ecosystem, please visit their official website and various official SNS channels.

Official Website: https://www.marblex.io/ja
Official Medium: https://marblex.medium.com
Official Telegram: https://t.me/MARBLEX_official_ENG
Official X (formerly Twitter): https://twitter.com/MARBLEXofficial

Comment on the Partnership Agreement

We are truly delighted to be working with 0xC in the Japanese market.
We have high expectations for shaping the Asian blockchain market together.

0x Consulting Group
Netmarble Group’s games have many fans not only worldwide but also in Japan. As MARBLEX, the blockchain business company of Netmarble Group, we aim to introduce high-quality blockchain games to the Japanese market.

We are delighted to support the Japanese users in delivering high-quality blockchain games through this partnership.

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