0x Consulting Group Signs Exclusive Japan Partner Agreement with Ludo, Next Generation Monetization Tools for Game Developers Globally in the U.S.

By expanding our partnerships globally and partnering and co-developing with leading software companies, 0x Consulting Group aims to accelerate the speed of development and improve the value of the user experience across the Web3 industry.

0x Consulting Group PTE.LTD.(Singapore, Founder: Koki Hosogane), a provider of comprehensive consulting services in the Web3 domain, announces that it has signed an exclusive partnership agreement in Japan with Ludo (New York, USA; Co-Founders: Annie Reardon and Renee Russo), a developer of next generation monetization tools for games.

Background of the Agreement

0x Consulting Group provides business development consulting and corporate media in the Web3 domain for companies such as KONAMI, DMM & Square Enix. The company’s services include PoC for Web3 business, creation of new business models using NFT/FT, marketing strategy development, community design and management, data analysis, and infrastructure development.

Through this partnership agreement, 0x Consulting Group will be able to provide more fulfilling support to our clients in the business of “community design and management” as well as “data analysis infrastructure development,” which is indispensable for the realization of such activities.

Ludo is a tool dedicated to improving community loyalty, enhanced monetization, and next generation game economies. It provides infrastructure for quantifying the in-game actions and contributions of each gamer, allowing for the rewarding of points via gamification.

While community building is an important part of the foundation of the Web3 project, the challenge is that engagement is sometimes not results-based and does not tie back to driving more user acquisition, increasing retention, and DAU / MAU.

Ludo, an API-based, no-code solution is featured for its flexible, “customized development, tailored to clients needs to drive business results” — making it possible to accommodate a wide variety of projects under the 0x Consulting Group portfolio.

There are similar tools that offer one-size-fits-all services, and we believe that customized development by Ludo and their collective expertise will enable 0x Consulting Group to further support our clients’ needs and improve the community experience for users beyond that, which is why we have entered into this partnership agreement. We will further enhance the strengths of both companies in the blockchain gaming domain.

0x Consulting Group will continue to partner and co-develop with leading tool developers to accelerate the development speed of the entire Web3 industry and improve the value of the user experience.

About Ludo

Ludo is located in New York, USA and was co-founded by Annie Reardon and Renee Russo, Forbes 30-Under-30 recipients.
Ludo has worked with many companies, including Barbie’s Metaverse and Forever 21.


  • Development by a team of carefully selected, highly qualified engineers from around the world
  • Customized development for a variety of needs
  • Adaptable to both Web2 and Web3 domains, as it can be integrated with X, Discord, Shopify, Instagram, etc.

<Main Functions and Expected Results>

  • Enhanced Monetisation opportunities via Ludo’s proprietary platform solutions. 
  • Seamlessly onboarding all in-game assets on chain, via Ludo’s infra and tooling systems.  
  • Next Gen Gaming Economy: Providing a next gen gaming ecosystem, enhancing player retention and new revenue streams. Allowing for in-and-out of game assets monetisation. 
  • No-Code Gamification; increasing player retention via daily and weekly quests. 
  • Social Integration functionality; By integrating Ludo’s ID’s with community (e.g. Discord) IDs, users who contribute to the community (messages, reactions, replies, voice communications, SNS spreading, etc.) can be automatically awarded points, novelties, products, etc. within the service.
  • Game & Player; Ludo’s tools provide a unique two way feedback, where the game grows with the players, where the game is designed to give back to users who are truly interested in and attached to the project. 
  • Ludo’s next gen market place, allows for on-and-off platform community engagement. Allowing content to be generated within the community beyond that game play. 

HP https://ludo.com/

※Contact 0x Consulting Group for more information on Ludo implementation.

Founder’s comments on the agreement

0x Consulting Group Founder :Koki Hosogane

Ludo is a tool specialized for improving community loyalty, and we believe it is an excellent service for businesses to effectively and smoothly facilitate, monetization and growth, and next generation game economies, which is essential for Web3 projects, and for users to obtain high experience value in the community.

Through this partnership, we aim to enhance the strengths of both companies and provide tool development and support that will accelerate the development of the industry.

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