LCA GAME GUILD has changed its name to “0x Consulting Group”.

We would like to announce that “LCA GAME GUILD PTE.LTD.” will change its companyname to “0x Consulting Group PTE.LTD.” effective December 18, 2023 in order to further develop our business and renew our brand image.
The new company name symbolizes the innovation of our business and our vision for the future, and we will take this opportunity to further improve our services and contribute to our clients and the industry.

Overview of Company Name Change

■ Former Company Name: LCA GAME GUILD Pte.Ltd.
■ New Company Name: 0x Consulting Group Pte.Ltd.
■ Date of change: December 18, 2023

We will take over the name “LCA GAME GUILD” (hereinafter referred to as “LGG”) as our Gaming Guild Division, which is responsible for the user community and scholarship businesses. Therefore, we will continue to operate the LGG community and further strengthen its structure.

Overview of Company Name Change

The “0x (zero-x)” are the letters that precede the Ethereum wallet address. By utilizing these two letters, it will be easier to understand that we are the company in the blockchain domain.
The “0” stands for nothing, and the “X” stands for infinite possibilities, symbolizing our commitment to support our clients’ Web3 projects from “zero” to “infinity.” This name also expresses our desire to pursue to the fullest the possibilities of revolutionizing the composition of society by popularizing token economics.

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