0x Consulting Group and KONAMI Digital Entertainment have signed a marketing partnership agreement for the digital trading card game “ORE’N”.

Background of the Marketing Partner Agreement

0xC is a company that provides business development consulting and corporate media in the Web3 domain, creates new business models using NFT/FT, develops marketing strategies, designs and operates communities, and builds data analysis platforms.

By signing a marketing partnership agreement with KONAMI’s digital trading card game “ORE’N,” the company aims to create a community where fans and creators from various backgrounds can actively engage in secondary creation.

The new “ORE’N” system includes a function that allows users to rewrite card characters and backgrounds by uploading image data in the game, and enjoy the game with original cards created by themselves.

In the future, the system will provide an environment that enables more diverse creations through the development of guidelines and the expansion of functions.

The goal of this project is to create a worldview in which creators are valued in such a fan-driven community and to increase the number of creators.

0xC will support the realization of the community that “ORE’N” aims to create through its marketing strategy and community-building know-how cultivated through consulting on blockchain games and market research and analysis.

While taking care of existing ORE’N Battle fans, we will work to attract a new user base and create active UGC (user-generated content) within that community.

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*This press release is in Japanese, so please translate it to read.

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